Venue Booking


Any celebrations and events, we welcome you to book our venue for your event.

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If you have any query, Please call 2869 8388 for details

Booking: Terms and Conditions



  • All bookings need to be confirmed minimum 2 hours before the booking time

  • All bookings are subject to availability


Minimum Spending for Table Reservation

  • Minimum spending per person, HK$250+10%, will be charged for any table reservation on Thursday, Friday, public holiday eve and holiday between 7-10pm


Minimum Charge for Bookings the Whole Venue

  • Minimum charge at HK$25,000+10% service charge for Monday to Wednesday

  • Minimum charge at HK$30,000+10% service charge for Thursday, Sunday and the last day of long Public Holiday

  • Minimum charge at HK$40,000+10% service charge for Friday, Saturday, Public Holiday Eve and Public Holiday

  • For furthur information, please kindly contact us at