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You may find the real Belgian taste.

Fresh Baby Blue Mussel in Belgian Beer Sauce

Authentic Belgian Beer Sauce prepared with Stella, mixed vegetable and seasonings, serve widely within Belgium. Chef has added in his secret recipe to enhance the authentic flavors

Tomato Garnaal

A famous cold starter in Belgium, using Belgium grey shrimp mixed with Chef’s homemade cocktail sauce stuffed in large tomato concasse. You just cannot miss the richness of flavors bursting in your mouth

Brune Beer Soup

Particularly famous in Brussels. Using Belgium local Brune Beer (chef’s choice) and mixed vegetable to blend into this rich but smooth soup for deep cold winter in Belgium

Flemish Style Asparagus

If you don’t know how Dutch prepare their asparagus, you should come and try out this Belgian Dutch homestyle cooking. Our Chef has prepared this dish exactly like what they would do back in Belgium

Belgium Waffles

Using Chef’s own secret recipe (we heard he mixed the batter with Belgian Beer), one of the most famous dessert dish in Belgium cuisine.

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